The Candice Dormon Show

Candice Dormon Show - Episode 108 - ReBrand or Rename

November 6, 2020

I am changing the name of this show to be more reflective and open to topics that interest and drive me these days. I still love everything about being a mom, but I'm also now really passionate of entrepreneurship and helping people launch their ideas!


This made me wonder if I needed a rebrand or just a simple rename. The fact is, I'm not rebranding because I'm not changing my core topics or messaging. I'm just changing the name of the show.


Check out this week's episode if you're like me and wanting to consolidate everything you do into one platform so that you can focus and stop spinning your wheels! Let's be productive and booked together, not just busy! I'm certain this new focus will help my mind, my business and my work life balance.



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